SDF preparing for an Eastern Syria liberated from 'Islamic State'

by Wladimir van Wilgenburg   The Region  


KOBANI - The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have advanced quickly after launching operation Jazeera storm on Saturday and on Monday they announced preparations for a Civil Council to manage Deir az-Zor city after it’s liberation. This could possibly result in tensions with the Syrian government that is now fighting in the city.
A group of elders and tribal leaders have set up a preparatory committee to prepare for the establishment of a Deir az-Zor Civil Council for administering the city after it’s liberation, following the model of Civil Councils established for Raqqa, Manbij and Tal Abyad.
“We in the preparatory committee, as well as the dignitaries of the Deir az-Zor tribes, declare our support for the Jazeera storm operation and the Syrian Democratic Forces, and we consider the legitimate force to carry out our dreams of liberation and to return the displaced people to their homes,” the committee said.

“We also call upon the young people of the countryside and villages of Deir az-Zor to take part and join the Syrian Democratic Forces and participate in the honor of fighting for our country,” the committee said.

The committee also called on the heads of the tribes to support the SDF forces.
Although the committee is preparing to set up a council for Deir az-Zor city, its unlikely that such a council would also play a role in the areas liberated from ISIS by the Syrian regime. Both the Syrian Arab Army and the SDF are approaching Deir ez-Zour province to defeat IS in one of its last strongholds.

The Russians and the Americans are also playing their party by trying to prevent conflicts between the two, in order to keep the fight focused on ISIS.

Nevertheless, the SDF has also sought to focus on reconstruction efforts. It is believed that the council which will manage the towns and villages liberated from ISIS by the SDF forces in Deir az-Zor’s countryside follow the Raqqa Civil Council model. In Raqqa, civilian councils manage villages and towns like Tabqah in the countryside of Raqqa, while doing the preparatory work for an eventual return to the city of Raqqa after its liberation. It is hoped by the SDF could follow the same practices in Deir ezzor as well.

The question still remains as to how displaced people from Deir ez Zour will move on with their lives.

Some displaced people from Deir ez Zour are now trying to reach the town of Azaz or Bab, from where they can either go to Damascus, Turkey, or trying to find other areas in Syria to find work.

“The situation in the Ain al Issa camp is good, but we want to get out of here to work because there is no work here in the areas of Ain Issa and Tabqa,” Walid Khaled al-Asker told the Region. “We want to go to Azaz, because it’s close to Turkey and we can cross into Turkey and work there,” he added.

So far, the SDF forces and the Deir az-Zor’s Military Council already liberated 250 kilometers and are approaching Deir az-Zor from the north, while the Syrian regime and the Iranian-backed militias are fighting in the city with the support of Russia.