Democratic Federation of Northern Syria: 'Women are the foundation of a free society'

by The Region   Getty Images  


It’s been 57 years since the Mirabal sisters, four heroic women who stood up to Rafael Trujilo’s dictatorial regime in the Dominican Republic, were kidnapped and beaten to death. For decades their struggle and courage was hailed as an important moment in the history of women uprooting patriarchy. In 1999, the United Nations General Assembly dedicated the anniversary of their death, the 25th of November, as the International Day of the Elimination of violence against women.

Now, in Northern Syria, the Northern Syrian Federation Executive Council Co-Presidency has issued a statement condemning violence against women, reports ANF English.

“In the 21st century, millions of women throughout the world have suffered violence, tyranny and oppression. To end this, and for the emancipation of women, the patriarchal system needs to be eliminated. The Rojava Revolution is a Women’s revolution.” The statement reads.

The symbolism was intentional on their part. In a similar statement written by YPJ General Command, the all-women battalion said that they “respectfully salute all women who fought, in the person of Patricia, Maria and Minerva Mirabel sisters, and all women who refused to bow down to the dominant system.”

The statement, written by the Kurdish, Arab, Syriac and Turkmen women at the forefront of the fight against IS, emphasised internationalism. “We are calling on all women to turn every day into a day of struggle, without confining themselves to November 25th.” The statement read.

Both the YPJ statement and the statement by the Co-presidency of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria concluded with complimentary statements. “Women are the foundation in building a free society. The federal system has been formed on the basis of equality between men and women” read the statement by the co-presidency. While the YPJ statement ended with a “promise to fight for the struggle of women and the whole of humanity.”