Turkey attacks Afrin city centre in densely populated residential area

by The Region    


Afrin city centre was targetted by the Turkish military and Turkish backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) forces, with heavy artillery and bombardment falling on densely populated residential areas, according to ANHA Hawar News Agency. 

Among the areas that were targetted by the Turkish air-force was the Afrin hospital. 

"Today the city centre of Afrin was targetted by aerial bombardments. The area affected included that which surrounded the hospital. So far we have received five in the hospital. one of which was martyred, whereas we are currently tending to 4 patients" Jwan Polat, the general director of Afrin Hospital told The Region.

"Thankfully, the hospital is intact and the bombardments did not directly hit the hospital, although they did hit the surrounding area. We did, however, suffer from difficulties. The electricity supply was cut but this issue was resolved very quickly by the hospital staff" he said.     

Last week the United Nations called for a complete halt and an immediate intervention to stop the escalation of the war in Syria. The statements of condemnation came after a week of soaring violence that led to the deaths of civilians in Afrin, Eastern Ghouta and Idlib. But speaking to reporter Wladimir van Wilgenburg, Hussein al-Kayed -- the deputy head of the foreign relations department of the Al-Jazeera province -- told The Region that Syrian Kurds are disappointed with the international community.   

“We regret the silence of the United States knowing that America has been an ally for more than two years in the fight against terrorism. This silence is suspicious and unconvincing to the people of northern Syria,” he said.

According to ANHA correspondents reporting from the ground, Redwan Muhamad Hussein (35) was killed in the latest attack by the Turkish military. Lukman Ismail Baker and three other casualties were among the wounded. 

One of the severely wounded has yet to be identified, according to ANHA Hawar News.