KCK warns Kurds: rise up, or Afrin and Rojava would face genocide

by Wladimir van Wilgenburg    


Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-presidency, affiliated to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), on Monday warned that the Turkish attacks against Afrin have the aim to carry out a genocide in Afrin and Rojava, and called for an uprising against the Turkish aggression.

The Turkish state on 20 January launched an attack on Afrin, the so-called Operation Olive Branch. Now after 51 days, Afrin is in danger of being surrounded by Turkey and Turkish-backed Islamists.

“Our people in Rojava and Bashur (South Kurdistan-Iraq) who can afford going to Afrin, should march there in thousands, as living shields against the genocidal aggression,” the KCK said.

“Keeping this fact in mind, all the Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan should mobilize all their resources against the Turkish state’s aggression on Afrin,” the statement added.

Therefore, the KCK said that before Newroz, the Kurdish New Year celebrated on 21 March, Kurds should march the streets to protest against the Turkish attacks.

“We are approaching Newroz, the day of resistance and survival struggle. Our people should start Newroz preparations from this very day and, inspired by the spirit of Newroz, take to the streets and squares and protest against the Afrin occupation,” the KCK added.

“These days are the days of uprising for our people. If they don’t rise up today, the people of Afrin and all the peoples of Rojava will face genocide,” the KCK concluded.

“Our peoples and the democratic forces should rise up to protect Afrin, the Middle East’s oasis of democracy, stability, and gender emancipation. This will not only be the uprising of the Kurdish people for Afrin, but also that of the peoples of the Middle East and all humanity against fascism,” the statement said.

“Believing that the AKP-MHP fascism will fail and an era of democracy in Syria and the Middle East will emerge, we call on our people and all humanity to fulfill their responsibilities,” the end of the statement said.