Turkey to offer citizenship to the families of killed FSA fighters currently attacking Afrin

by The Region    


Turkey has agreed to offer citizenship to the families of fighters who have died in "Operation Olive Branch", according to a leading figure in the Turkey-backed Syrian Opposition.  

The claims were made by Mustafa Sejari, a former member of the Syrian Revolutionaries Front, who is currently residing in Turkey. 

"With a step expected from the generous and hospitable country, our big brother, our true partner in the struggle against terrorism, our wise leader of men, It has been decided today that every Syrian fighter with the Free Syrian Army will have the opportunity for their families to receive Turkish citizenship. And as for those who are not married, their parents will be offered citizenship."

Mustafa Sejari once oversaw Liwa Al Mutasem -- a force with over 1500 fighters that regularly clashed with the Islamic State in Aleppo. As head of the political office of Liwa al-Mutasem, he was a liaison with American forces and the Pentagon, which equipped his outfit to fight ISIS and Al-Nusra. His group was an active participant in Operation Euphrates Shield, a military intervention aimed at keeping Kurdish-led Afrin isolated from the rest of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria. He is a supporter of the attacks by the Turkish Armed Forces and its affiliated FSA forces on the enclave of Afrin. 

"For those who have been injured amongst the Free Syrian Army Fighters", he said, "they are eligible for citizenship, be they bachelors or married". He also claimed that the wounded would be offered 15,000 Turkish Lira. 

Sejari also detailed the rules and regulations decided upon by Erdogan's government on what shall happen to the families of those killed in the attacks.

"The family of a martyr is offered a free apartment and they will be offered 30,000 Lira" 

Sejari believes that these steps taken did not coincidentally occur after Erdogan defended the behaviour of FSA forces in so-called "Operation olive branch."

In a statement which seemingly defends Erdogan's autocratic behaviour towards dissidents in Turkey, Sejari claims that "This step takes place after the demands that Erdogan made on behalf of the Free Syrian Army, against all who has tried to defame our brave revolution, and the image of our fighters in the face of popular opinion."

On Monday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights translated a video taken in Sheikh Hadid, in the western countryside of Afrin.

"To the Kurdish atheists, we say to them, we swear by God, if you repented and returned to God, then you are our brothers," one fighter says in the video, "But if you don't, we see your heads have been matured and its time for them to be chopped off" the fighter concludes.

In response to these videos, the Syrian Opposition has barred fighters from taking video's of their operations in Afrin, but this has not deterred such videos from being taken.