PKK was inequitably put on terror list - EU court

by The Region    


A ban on assets imposed on the PKK, Kurdistan Workers' Party, was not sufficiently justified, according to a ruling by the EU court in Luxembourg.

According to the verdict, between 2014 and 2017, the PKK was wrongly included on the EU terror list.

The EU court therefore declared the underlying decisions of the member states null and void due to procedural errors. In the Court's view, the Council of Member States did not sufficiently justify why it included the PKK on the list regarding necessary regulations and decisions.

However, the judgement does not have any concrete consequences, as there is a new decision on the terrorist list for 2018, which is not called into question by the judgement.

For the PKK, the entry on the terror list was already made in 2002, resulting in freezing of accounts and other assets in European Union.