Three more journalists detained in Turkey

by The Region    


Three journalists from Etkin News Agency (ETHA) have been detained. Police haven’t explained the reason for the detentions, ETHA reported.

It was stated that ETHA editor Semiha Sahin and its reporter Pinar Gayip were detained from their homes in Ä°stanbul last evening (April 12).

Another ETHA reporter Adil Demirci, who lives in Germany and came to Ä°stanbul for vacation, was also detained in the same way. 

Two reporters and one editor are held in detention

ETHA, whose website is blocked since July 27, 2015, continues to publish its news on Facebook. ETHA editor Ä°sminaz Temel and its reporter Havva Custan were arrested on October 25 and reporter Ali Sönmez Kayar on February 6.

Turkish government seized several media outlets with violent police raids over the past two years and attacked hundreds of media personnel with water cannon and tear gas.

According to Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) report, Turkey is the "worst jailer of journalists", with at least 73 behind bars when CPJ conducted its most recent prison census on December 1, 2017. Every journalist jailed for their work in Turkey is under investigation for, or charged with, anti-state crimes -- in most cases for belonging to, aiding, or making propaganda for an alleged terrorist organization.