YPG continues to attack Turkish-backed forces in Afrin

by Wladimir van Wilgenburg    


The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in a statement on Wednesday said they continue to attack the Turkish army and affiliated rebels, and killed 12 of them over the course of the past week in 7 separate operations.

“Within the scope of the second phase of the resistance of the age in Afrin, People’s Protection Units and Women’s Protection Units forces carried out effective operations against the invading army and jihadi groups affiliated to them. Our forces killed at least 12 Turkish troops and gang members in the past week,” the statement added.

The second phase of the resistance that they mention refers to the decision made by the YPG to engage in guerrilla warfare against the Turkish Armed Forces and its affiliated FSA rebels who overran and occupied the majority Kurdish city of Afrin in northern Syria. Afrin was formerly under the administration of the Kurdish-led PYD, a party indigenous to Syria. The Afrin canton administration declared this move alongside the YPG in a statement on 18 March. 

“We would like to declare that our war against the Turkish occupation and the Takfiri forces calling themselves the Free Army has entered a new stage, the transition from direct confrontation war to hit-and-run tactics is necessary to avoid the deaths of more civilians and to strike at the enemy. Our forces are everywhere in Afrin” the statement said on 18 March.

The YPG frequently provides periodic updates on the operations they conduct against the Turkish Armed Forces and its FSA affiliates. 

“On April 17th, a Turkish military officer called Taner Cobanoglu was killed by our forces in Afrin city center. Meanwhile another commander of Turkish army was killed in another operation in Jandaris district of Afrin,” a statement they recently produced reads.
“On the same day our forces launched an effective sabotage action in Abu Kaab village of Afrin’s Jandaris district which killed a terrorist called Saleem Alhamadee. 2 terrorists were also injured in the operation,” the YPG said.