YPG will target any group working with Turkish army in Afrin 

by Wladimir van Wilgenburg    


In a statement released on Friday, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), said they will target rebels that are working with the Turkish army in Afrin, and announced the death of a rebel commander named Jamal al-Zakhlool. 
“Within the scope the second phase of the Resistance of the Age, our forces have carried out effective actions against the invading Turkish army forces and terrorists, including those who were appointed by the Turkish intelligence agency (MIT) for special duties in Afrin,” the YPG said. 
“The terrorist named Jamal al-Zakhlool, who was responsible for organizing the placement of terrorists and their families brought to Afrin from various places in Syria, and who had been being followed by our forces, was killed in the organized activities,” the YPG said. 
“Al-Zakhlool who was forcing Afrin residents to flee their homes and was placing FSA terrorists and their families in the abandoned homes of Afrin people had two meetings with MIT officials earlier. Al-Zakhlool was also tasked with establishing internal security forces, civilian administration and courts in occupied Afrin,” the YPG said. 
“One day before the action, Al-Zakhlool was patrolling in the village of Basutah with Al-Hamza Brigade and Failaq al-Sham terrorists with him, ordering the people to be dressed in accordance with Shari'a principles and women not to leave their homes through the loudspeakers,” the YPG statement said.  
“He also asked the people to hand their weapons over to them warning those who don’t hand over the weapons would be exiled,” the YPG said. 
“Yesterday our forces have carried out an attack against Al-Zakhlool’s vehicle in the area between Kurzalah and Basutah villages which was resulted in the death of Al-Zakhlool and all of the terrorists with him. Failaq al-Sham gangs, who wanted to intervene after the operation, were also targeted by our forces, three more terrorists were killed and two military vehicles were destroyed as a result of the successful actions,” the YPG concluded. 
The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR) also confirmed the death of a rebel commander named Abu Khaled Zahlul and his wife by a mine explosion in al Basutah area in the countryside of Afrin. 
Furthermore, SOHR said he was in meetings in the past few days in the meetings with the Turkish forces about the developments of the internal situation in Afrin area, preparing to be given the command of the police of Afrin area, in addition to opening Sharia and religious centers and institutes, and to be run by the former judges and Sharia men of Rahman Corps, amid calls for the displaced people of the Eastern Ghouta to join the new police.  
“Recalling the earlier statements we issued regarding the attempts by Turkey and its terrorists to demographically change the region by settling terrorists and their families in the city after the people of Afrin have been displaced, we once again stress that settling of these families in Afrin is illegitimate in terms of fundamental human rights and is a clear violation of international law,” the YPG said.  
“We once again salute the resistance and the struggle by our people that have been forcibly displaced and reiterate our determination to liberate Afrin. The resistance will go on until we give our people their land back, no matter how long it will take,” the YPG statement added. 
The Turkish government is resettling the displaced people of the Eastern Qalamoun and the Eastern Ghouta in Afrin area, in order to change the demography.  
According to the UN, over 137,000 civilians from Afrin were displaced amidst the escalation of violence since 20 January 2018 and the Turkish take-over of Afrin on 18 March 2018. This while 150,000 civilians remain in Afrin district.  
These IDPs are still not permitted to move to Aleppo city or to return to Afrin district, living under dire conditions. Most of them are living in Tel Rifaat, while the rest are displaced to Nabul and Zahra, Kafr Naseh and Fafn.

Update: This article was corrected after the YPG updated their statement.