YPG continues insurgent attacks in Afrin, keeps up resistance

by Wladimir van Wilgenburg    


The People’s Protection Units (YPG) have continued out actions against the Turkish army and affiliated rebels in Afrin, although Turkey took the Afrin region on 18 March in a two months operation and over 140,000 people of Afrin were displaced. 
“Our forces continue to carry out actions against Turkish invasion army and its terrorist groups within the scope of the second phase of the Resistance of the Age in Afrin. Between April 29 - May 8, operations by our forces killed 15 Turkish soldiers and terrorists, injured at least 5 others,” the YPG said in a statement received by The Region. 
It’s unclear how many of the 15 fighters killed were Turkish soldiers or Syrian rebels backed by Turkey. Most likely the majority of them were Syrian rebels killed by YPG counteractions. 
“At the result of the military actions by our forces in Afrin within 9 days, 15 Turkish soldiers and terrorists were killed, at least 5 others were injured. 2436 Turkish soldiers and troops were killed since the beginning of the invasion attacks by Turkey on Afrin,” the YPG statement said. 
In a statement last week, the YPG said they will target any rebel group that is working with the Turkish army to change the demography of Afrin. In several actions, rebel groups were targeted by the YPG in Afrin. 
“On May 5, our forces ambushed terrorists in the vicinity of the village of Basoofan of Afrin’s Sherawah district. 4 of Ahrar Sharqiyyah terrorists with a Turkish soldier inside the military vehicle were killed. Turkish troops attacked residents of the area after the successful action,” the YPG said. 
“On May 8, our forces targeted a military base called as “23 brigade” by terrorists on the road between Jandaris district and village of Hammam, killing 4 terrorists and injuring another. Two of the killed terrorists were identified as Khalil Saheed (from Damascus) and Mohammad Abdul Jasem (from Idlib). 
The same day another Turkish soldier was assassinated by our forces in the village of Deir Balloot,” the YPG statement added. 
On Thursday, Turkish aircraft bombed the surrounding of the village of Qurdqulaq in Sherran with four missiles, the Afrin Media Centre said.  
“The thing that caused fear and panic among people. It's believed that the plane targeted groups of People's Protection Units in the area,” the Afrin Media Centre reported. 

“We once again salute the resistance and the struggle by our people that have been forcibly displaced and reiterate our determination to liberate Afrin. The resistance will go on until we give our people their land back, no matter how long it will take,” the YPG said in a statement earlier this week.