Protesters in Athens throw rocks at embassy over Gaza bloodshed

by The Region   Reuters  


Protesters in the Greek capital burned Israeli flags and threw rocks at Israel's embassy on Tuesday (May 15) following the single deadliest day in Gaza for years, after Israeli gunfire killed dozens of Palestinians.

Monday's violence, in which thousands were wounded, was fuelled by the opening ceremony for the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem following its relocation from Tel Aviv. The move fulfilled a pledge by U.S. President Donald Trump, who in December recognized the contested city as the Israeli capital.

Several protesters clambered onto the police buses surrounding the Israeli embassy, chanted "Freedom for Palestine" and waved Palestinian flags. Below, dozens of other protesters - including Greeks and other Arabic-speakers - cheered them.

One protester, who recently smuggled himself and his wife out of the coastal enclave through the tunnels into Egypt and did not wish to be identified said his cousin was one of those killed on Monday (May 14).

Palestinian leaders have called Monday's events a massacre, and the Israeli tactic of using live fire against the protesters has drawn worldwide concern and condemnation.

Israel has said it is acting in self-defence to defend its borders and communities.

May 15 is traditionally the day Palestinians mark the "Nakba", or Catastrophe, when hundreds of thousands fled or were driven from their homes in violence culminating in the war between the newly created Jewish state and its Arab neighbours in 1948.