PKK condemns Gaza bloodshed

by The Region    


The executive committee of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) spoke in a statement about Israeli gunfire that left more than 1,500 wounded on the Palestinian side on Monday, May 15, during the return march.

Stating that the Israeli-Palestinian problem will not be solved by force, the PKK said: "To announce Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to ignore its role as the capital of all religions and even of humanity is a provocation. It is clear that the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis cannot be resolved by force. This issue should be resolved through dialogue and negotiation because emphasizing the use of force only exacerbates the problems. The last massacre has once again shown this reality.

Then the committee added: "The Palestinian question has been waiting for a resolution for almost a century. The Palestinian people and their friends around the world have fought for the liberation of Palestinian lands. The Palestinian people fought for their freedom and also supported the struggle for freedom and democracy elsewhere in the world. The PKK has also been with the Palestinian people. During the occupation of Lebanon in 1982, 13 PKK fighters who were fighting side by side with the Palestinians fell martyred in this war. The solidarity of the Kurdish people with the Palestinian and Arab people still exists today. Despite the struggle of Kurds and Palestinians, Turkey and Israel, thanks to the external support, continue to violate the fundamental rights of the Kurdish and Palestinian peoples in order to implement their genocidal colonialism.

Turkey has learned the techniques of the war against the struggle for freedom of the Kurdish people by Israel and the United States. The Turkish state and the AKP government were supported by these countries in their war against the Kurds. Soon, the purchase of F-35 aircraft in the United States will be the most concrete proof. Turkey has produced drones with techniques learned from Israel and the United States. The friends of the Palestinians and Arabs in the Middle East are the Kurdish people and the liberation movement initiated by the PKK. The alliance and the common struggle of the Kurdish and Arab peoples will play a historic role in the liberation of all the peoples of the Middle East.

The solidarity shown by the PKK with the Palestinian people and the martyrs that the PKK gave in the war against Israel in 1982 will never be forgotten. This same solidarity and friendship will manifest itself in the future.

We condemn once again the massacre of Gaza and repeat that the struggle of the Palestinian and Kurdish peoples for freedom will triumph."