Besieged by both FSA and Syrian Government, Shabha Canton deals with economic crisis

by The Region    


Due to the successful invasion of Turkey and its FSA affiliates in Afrin, in their last estimate,   the United Nations approximated that over 137,000 people were displaced from the Afrin district. Many of those moved to the Shahba Canton of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, which has since suffered from a diesel crisis, according to Ali Kadro and Jafar Jafo, writing for Anha Hewar News.

Apparently, the crisis is due, in large part, due to inflation caused by mass migration. This problem has been compounded by a siege conducted by the Syrian government which prevents the entry of diesel fuel. In addition, Turkish backed rebels have also prevented the entry of fuel oil.

According to ANHA, this crisis compounds economic difficulties in food production, as fuel oil is necessary both to harvest during the wheat season and to produce bread for bakeries. It has been reported that the price to acquire only one barrel of diesel oil has risen to 70,000 SP, the equivalent to 160 US dollars.   

"We suffer in this period from a crisis in the insurance of diesel fuel due to the embargo imposed on the canton", The General Coordinator of the Municipalities Council in al-Shahba, told ANHA Hewar, "increasing the risk of harvesting crops and life in general in the canton."

According to the pro-Assad daily, Almasdar news, last night (June 11th), intense clashes were recorded between competing Turkish-backed rebel groups in Afrin. Ahrar Al-Sham and the Sultan Murad FSA group are said to have clashed in between the city of 'Azaz and Afrin. The last time this occurred, it was in response to territorial claims over abandoned homes in Afrin.