Erdogan threatened to hang imprisoned opposition candidate Demirtas, this was his response

by The Region    


On Sunday, President Erdogan of Turkey declared that Demirtas, the former 45-year old co-leader of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), was a terrorist that ought to be tried as soon as possible, and that if possible, he would see him hanged. Demirtas responded on Monday, through associates responsible for his twitter account, by saying if need be, he would sacrifice his life "a thousand times for the people". 

Demirtas, who is the presidential candidate for the HDP, faces a 142-year sentence on trumped up charges accusing him of having links with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party. Demirtas denies these claims. 

To a riled up crowd, Erdogan on Sunday declared that Demirtas -- a former human rights lawyer --  was personally responsible for the murder of many people. "I don't care for the people who demand for his release", he said, "We should ask the families of the people he killed if they want his release. He should be tried immediately." 

The crowd, which responded by chanting "Execution" repeatedly was encouraged by Erdogan. "If parliament would have given me the permission", he responded to the crowd, "I would have already accepted that order."

On Monday, through his twitter account, Demirtas responded. "Erdogan says he wants to hang me if he gets elected. Can you imagine? This is the election promise of a presidential candidate in 2018." he tweeted, "I would sacrifice my life a thousand times for the people and won't ever take a step back."