Leaked meeting: Erdogan openly calls for election fraud, 'special work' against HDP

by The Region    


In a closed meeting with AKP neighbourhood delegates -- that was leaked to the public on video --  Erdogan appears to advise his delegates to prevent the HDP from reaching the 10% threshold to share governance by any means necessary. The message, which calls for them to conduct "special work" could be interpreted as a call for voter suppression.

"Don't speak about this openly", Erdogan says, "Our party branches should do special work on HDP",  he continues. "I won't speak about this outside", he tells his delegates, "If they (HDP) fail to pass the threshold, this would be a great advantage for us."

The crowd then responds with an applause.

"Therefore our friends have to work very differently in each district, especially in tens of districts. Because you know who is who! Don't You?" 

The crowd, even more rowdy, responds by chanting Yes. 

Erdogan then proceeds to tell his delegates, on a step by step basis, what they will do to place obstacles in the way of HDP candidates -- a party which is especially popular in Turkey's south-east, and among leftists and liberals across the country.

"You will take the ballot electorate lists, check who is who, and based on that, your special work on those people will, I believe, provide us with a very different result. Do you know what we call as "Marking" right?" You will Mark them, he says." 

The independence of Turkey's High Election Board has been put into question since it was announced that 144,000 would be affected by their decision to move ballot boxes in Kurdish populated areas, and areas where the HDP is popular. 

An HDP spokesperson told Voice of America that the decision "was made for villages where the HDP gets a large share of the votes," 

Turkey's elections are set to take place on June 24th.