Reports of massive voter fraud taking place across Turkey, especially south-east

by The Region    


Dokuz 8 News, an independent outlet that has been doing tremendously great work in relaying the ongoing elections to English speaking audiences, has demonstrated various instances of election fraud in Turkey. Here, we intend to pass this information to you.

In the eastern provinces, election fraud complaints are at an all-time high. In the eastern city of Van, several military helicopters brought the ballots with them.

Furthermore, according to Mezopotamya Agency, members of the HDP electoral commission were blocked in Diyarbakir by armed government funded "village guards". They entered into four different rural areas in Kulp and intimidated voters, forcing two villages to end voting. The same happened in the neighbourhoods of Agacli, Narcice, Zeyrek and Duzce. Due to voting irregularities in the village of Yukari Haydan in the Egil district, the ballot boxes were closed. 


Yol Tv reports that ballot box stuffing has taken place in Urfa's Suruc, a stronghold for the HDP, with a video of an angry reporter screaming that "despite not everyone even voting et, the ballot-box has been filled, as you can all see. Apparently, the Ballot box committee has yet to comment on the situation. The allegation of voting fraud is said to have taken place at GAP Anadolu High School at ballot-boxes 1043 and 1044. 


In Erzurum's Yakutiye, election observers were forcefully taken out of a voting station. In Urfa's Gecit Village, men have voted on behalf of women. And, a CHP party council member, Mehmet Ali Celebi has said that in 30 villages in Urfa, dispatched election observers were forcefully removed from the premises containing ballot boxes. 


Meanwhile, despite various allegations of voter fraud, the Supreme Electoral Board chair Sadi Guven -- often accused of having little independence -- has justified the government's decision to send armed soldiers to voting ballots in the Kurdish populated south-east. "There are claims of diminished security in Suruc," he said, "necessary administrative and judicial steps have been taken." The OSCE however, has said that it is too worried to send its observers to Urfa's Suruc, due to security reasons. 


Voting irregularities have also happened across Turkey in general. A citizen in Istanbul's Sariyer was caught with two ballot-envelopes, there were fewer envelopes than the number of voters recorded in a primary school in Izmir, ballot-box 2082. And in Kocaeli, election observers were ruthlessly beaten by a mob.


The elections that are taking place on Sunday will decide who gets to be the President of Turkey, and whether or not the AKP can win a majority in parliament. If the HDP crosses the election threshold, it will be difficult for the AKP to form a majority. In the past few weeks, various HDP campaigners were attacked, and two were lynched after President Erdogan of Turkey told his AKP delegates to "mark" HDP members.