Kurdish forces published video of guerrilla attacks targeting rebels in Afrin

by Wladimir van Wilgenburg    


The People’s Protection Units (YPG) on Saturday published a video showing a Kurdish sleeper cell killing a Turkish-backed rebel in the countryside of Afrin on 24 June.

“Our forces continue to target Turkish invasion army elements and the mercenaries with various operations in Afrin within the scope of the second phase of the Resistance of the Age,” the YPG said in a statement.

“On June 24, a mercenary of Failaq al-Sham group was assassinated by our fighters on the road between Dewa and Tal Salour villages of Jandaris district.”

In the past, the Turkish-government backed Kiyam movement posted video’s on Twitter in which they targeted YPG fighters in eastern Syria. Recently, their social media accounts were suspended.

Now this time, the YPG is returning the favour.

Furthermore, the YPG carried out another operation on the 25th against Failaq al-Sham in the village of Amara of Afrin’s Mabata district. “5 mercenaries were killed while a military vehicle was destroyed as result of the operation,” the YPG said.

“With the last two operations carried out in Afrin the number of deaths within the Turkish invasion army and its mercenaries has risen to 2.491,” the statement concluded.

Although the Turkish army and its rebel proxies took control of Afrin and its countryside in an attack that lasted nearly two months on 17 March, the YPG said they would continue their resistance and launch insurgent attacks on the Turkish army and its rebel proxies.

“We would like to declare that our war against the Turkish occupation and the Takfiri forces calling themselves the Free Army has entered a new stage, the transition from direct confrontation war to hit-and-run tactics is necessary to avoid the deaths of more civilians and to strike at the enemy. Our forces are everywhere in Afrin” the statement said on 18 March.