About The Region

The Region aims to offer new perspectives on current issues in the wider region of West Asia. We believe in the fluidity of borders, identities and territories and aim to serve as a platform for journalists, academics, intellectuals and activists who want to contribute to an open discussion on unfolding developments from Anatolia to Mesopotamia, The Levant and beyond.

In a world where the boundaries of colonial mapmaking continue to impact the social, political and economic dynamics of the region, we aim to challenge dominant narratives by approaching them critically and shedding light on the underrepresented. Alongside in-depth analyses, The Region is dedicated to providing an overview of trending news and top stories as they unfold.

The Region is a non-profit entity funded solely by other non-profit organisations interested in providing readers with an outlet that does not represent any state or international policy making and/or influencing institution. No funder of The Region is bestowed any editorial influence.