Islamic State in Egypt promises to fight against 'apostate gang' Hamas

by The Region   Getty Images  


The Sinai section of the Islamic State organization released a statement threatening Hamas that they would attack them. The Statement comes in response to a meeting held on Monday where Ismail Haniye, a senior leader in Hamas and defacto prime minister of the Gaza Strip, discussed bilatarel relations with the Egyptian head of intelligence, Khaled Fawzy.

Al Jazeera Arabic reports that part of the negotiations entailed a deal that would benefit both parties. In exchange for Hamas allowing Gaza to be used as a base for operations against the Islamic State in Sinai, Egypt agreed to lift certain parts of it's siege on Gaza so that humanitarian aid and food could come into besieged Gaza. 

In response to the agreement, Islamic State of the Sinai province in Egypt wrote a declaration showing their disapproval of "the agreements between the infidel Egyptian intelligence apparatus and the leadership of the Hamas apostates". The Statement ended with a threat of retribution. 

At the current moment it is not clear what these threats will entail. The IS affiliate has thus far confined itself to attacking Egyptian police installations and has occasionaly claimed to have shelled Israel. In the past, they have released videos of executing an old man who spoke out against the Islamic State in Sinai, and a street magician.