Turkey sends military reinforcements to Afrin, SDF says ready to fight back

by The Region    


Turkey sent on Wednesday military reinforcements to the north of Syria, preparing for an operation in the Kurdish-controlled city of Afrin.

Afrin, located in the northwest of Syria on the border with Turkey, is part of the Syrian Kurdish region commonly known as Rojava. 

On Monday, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag did not confirm or deny Turkey's intention to conduct an operation in the Syrian city.

"The Turkish army has sent military reinforcements to Syria today, on Wednesday. The reinforcements that were sent to Syria arrive in the framework of the military operation planned by the Turkish army in the city of Afrin," the source said to Sputnik, adding that the Turkish authorities took a "firm decision" on the operation.

In an interview with ANF Turkish service, SDF commander Hasan Qamishlo vowed to defend Afrin and Shehba against a Turkish attack and said that SDF has strong preparations for both regions.

“The threat is not only against Afrin, the gains and achievements of Kurds and Northern Syria peoples are under threat too. They want to punish Northern Syria peoples” Qamishlo said.

Speaking on Turkish threats against Afrin, Qamishlo said: “Kurds are not like the Kurds before. And they are not alone. Kurds are living side by side with all Syrian peoples on the basis of cooperation and free unity. Each people is represented in the administration and we are defending all Northern Syria together as Northern Syria peoples.”