Iranian Kurdish politician: Iran bomb attempt not related to Iran protest wave

by Wladimir van Wilgenburg    


SULEYMANIYAH – Amidst ongoing protests against the Iranian government in Iran, Kurdish fighters discovered several planted explosions on the road towards the headquarters of the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan last Sunday. One of Komala’s leaders told The Region that the sabotage attempt was not related to the protests the Kurdish parties’ support.

The bombs were detected before being detonated and no one was injured or wounded. “I don’t think it was related to the protests. The planning of this kind of sabotage acts normally takes months, they cannot just plant some bombs,” Abobakr Moddaresi, the Deputy Secretary General of Komal told The Region.

He said this was not the first attempt by the Iranian government against Iranian Kurdish parties. “Over two and half years ago they tried it also in our camps in some buildings for some of our cadres activities who are engaged in underground activities inside Iran,” he added. “They put four bombs but they could be neutralized before they managed to detonate it.

The Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-I) was less lucky in December 2016, when their headquarters was bombed, killing five of its Peshmerga fighters and two members of the Kurdish security forces. Two suspects of the attack were arrested. The KDP-I blamed Iran for the attack.

According to Moddaresi, it’s not the first time Iran attempted assassinations against Kurdish leaders based in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Iran in the past has killed several Kurdish leaders from Iran. Including, Dr. Abdel Rahman Ghassemlou, head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, who as murdered in Vienna in 1989, and Dr. Sadegh Sharaf Kandi, was murdered in Berlin in 1992.

The Iranian Kurdish parties are also increasingly worried about the growing influence of Iran in Iraq, especially after Iraq took over disputed territories from the Kurds in October 2017 with support of Iran after the Independence Referendum of 25th September.