Iraqi Kurdish opposition demands that Kurdistan parliament publicly condemn Afrin invasion

by Wladimir van Wilgenburg   Reuters  


ERBIL –The two parliamentary blocs, Gorran and the Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG) called on the Kurdistan Parliament-Iraq to take a public stand against threats on an invasion in Afrin on Thursday and called on the international community to stop Turkish attacks.

“The protection of our sisters and brothers in Afrin is the responsibility of the international community,” the two opposition parties said from the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

“Our people in Rojava of Kurdistan are living in critical conditions and they are threatened with military assault by the State of Turkey,” they said. “We strongly condemn these threats and the protection and security of our sisters and brothers is the responsibility of the international community, the coalition to counter ISIS, in particular the United States,” they added.

“The state of Turkey should also respect the peoples of Syria and their political aspirations. We call on the UN, human right international organizations as well as the coalition to take practical steps in order to stop the threats on Afrin,” the statement concluded.

Talking to the Region, Hoshyar Omar Ali, Head of the Department of Diplomatic Relations of Gorran, said that Turkey should stop attacks on Afrin. 

“The people of Syria, including the Kurds, as a sovereign people and country have the rights to pursue their democratic rights and political aspirations for democratic governance and self-rule. The recent aggressions by Turkey are the violations of these rights and an attack on civilians,” he said.

On Friday, there was heavy shelling by Turkish forces on several positions, and an attempt to cross the border, which the YPG says it repelled.

“Since the last three days, Turkish forces and their affiliates are clearly and openly bombing the Afrin border area in points in and around Afrin. Our forces are responding to it,” Hevi Mustafa, the co-head of the Afrin canton told The Region. She called on the international community to stop the Turkish attacks.

“A Turkish reconnaissance plane flies at the Afrin skies now. There were no clashes this morning. Yesterday night, there were clashes near the Idlib governorate, and close to Azaz there was a shelling in the villages of Bilbil, Maranoz, and Qastal Jindil,” Afrin journalist Mohammed Billo told The Region. In the Bilbil area, a Turkish tank tried to enter to Afrin through the wall built by Turkey, but YPG forces prevented them from doing so and forced them to retreat,” he said.