Bombing of civilians continues: WHO says 86 civilians killed in Afrin in one week

by Wladimir van Wilgenburg    


ERBIL – The World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday said that 86 civilians were killed so far and 200 others were wounded in one week in the Turkish attacks that targeted Afrin on 20 January.

“Turkish regime continued its aggression on Ifrin, killing 86 civilians- including a whole family of 7, and wounding about 200 others in a week,” Health Cluster Weekly Situation Report said of the WHO, a specialized agency of the United Nations that is concerned with international public health.

However, Kurds say the number of victims is even higher.

Dr. Joan Mohammed, head of Afrin Hospital, on Friday said that until 2 February, 127 civilians were killed, and 168 injured, suggesting they were mostly women and children.

Moreover, the report confirmed around 10,000 civilians arrived in Afrin city from the border areas like Jindiris, but prevented by the Syrian government from leaving Afrin.

“People are being prevented to leave Afrin. All crossing points around with exception of one, Ziyara-Zahraa, are closed,” the WHO report said.

Roj Mousa a journalist in Afrin confirmed the report. “No one is going to Aleppo, the regime closed the roads,” he told The Region.

Moreover, the report said more families are moving towards the Syrian government-controlled Nubul and Zahraa. “GoS forces prevent people to move to Aleppo city. Nubul and Zahra locations should be assessed,” the WHO report said.

“The draft of the preparedness and response plan of health sector to Afrin and other part of Kurdish controlled areas of Aleppo governorate was prepared. Planning assumptions and scenarios are developed by Access Working Group. WHO is ready to provide SARC teams with the necessary life-saving health supplies,” the report added.

“The artillery and mortar shelling are increasingly hitting Afrin. Afrin is so crowded because people from Rajo and other areas are running away to Afrin. The people are scared,” a civilian from Afrin told The Region on Friday.


*Photo shows civilian in Jindiris calling for an end of airstrikes: "Random bombing of civilian neighbourhoods in Jindires district, 01.02.2018"