Open letter from Italian academics to Pope takes aim at Erdogan's visit

by The Region    


We learn with great concern the visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on February 5th in the Vatican.

According to press reports, Pope Francis invited Erdogan to discuss the crisis on Jerusalem, as the Turkish President was among the major critics of the decision by the US president to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The Turkish President is particularly active in the fate of the city of Jerusalem and the Palestinians, but he is also the leader of a country that is becoming increasingly authoritarian and dictatorial within it and the author of an unscrupulous international policy, which has also encouraged the radicalization of Islamists in the Middle East.

Today, after the defeat of Daesh in Iraq and Syria by the Kurdish forces, Turkey has embarked on a new war - with the attack started on January 19, 2018 - precisely against those Kurds who have defeated Daesh.

The recent Turkish invasion in northern Syria can only mean the beginning of a new bloody conflict that will surely drag the region into a new catastrophe, which will inevitably bring with it hunger, children killed and will again force the local population to flee.

In the Kurdish region of Afrin and in the recently liberated territories from Daesh in Syria, there are not only the Kurds, but also Christians, Arabs, Turkmen, Yazidis and other ethnic groups who are trying to live together peacefully in that area. Turkey's aggression against those peoples in Afrin is a blatant violation of international law, but it is also the sabotage of that peaceful experience of coexistence and peace.

We, the signatories, who work for peace, in Italy and throughout the world, are deeply saddened by what is happening once again in that area so tormented by the war and we pray to His Holiness Pope Francis to manifest to the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan all our indignation and peace communities, compared to what is happening in Turkey in recent years and above all the deep concern about the new war in Syria.

Our moral and humanitarian duty is not to share this visit but we understand the reasons for the Vatican's invitation, that is why we ask for a peace commitment, to call the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to his duties towards the world, so that the a military campaign undertaken against the Kurds in Syria and to interrupt the repressive and terrorist spiral undertaken in his country.

Adele Tulli, director 
Alberto Girlando, Departemnt of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability, Parma 
Alessandro Metz, Cooperator and Social Worker - National Vice President Lega Coop Sociali 
Alessandro Torcini, Laboratoire de Physique Théorique Université de Cergy-Pontoise France 
Alice Franchina, University of Palermo (PhD student) 
Alisa Del Re, Senior Scholar University of Padua 
Andrea De Carlo, Professor of the University of Naples "L'Orientale" 
Andrea Scella, Professor of Criminal Procedural Law at the University of Udine 
Angelo Bavaro, Scapoli's bagpipe club (IS) 
Anna Romani, PhD University of Pisa and Florence 
Annamaria Deagostino, Professor of the University of Turin 
Antonietta Caccia, President of the Scapoli Campus (IS) 
Antonio Ruggieri, Journalist, director of the magazine, the Common Good 
Arturo Scotto, Deputy of Free and Equal MdP 
Carlo Balestri, Vice President of the Italian Union of Sport for All, Emilia Romagna 
Carlo Freccero - Member of the RAI Board of Directors 
Detjon Begaj, Councilor for Civic Coalition, Quartiere Santo Stefano (Bologna) 
Devi Sacchetto, Professor of the University of Padua 
Eleonora Forenza, European Parliamentarian, Gue / Ngl 
Emily Clancy, Councilor Coalizione Civica, Municipality of Bologna 
Ennio Carbone, Full Professor in Pathology, University of Catanzaro 
Erasmo Palazzotto, Member of the Italian Parliament - Italian Left / Liberi and Equuali - Vice-President of the Foreign Affairs Committee 
Fabrizio Saccomanno, Man of Theater, Lecce 
Fausto Tomei, Councilor for Civic Coalition, District of Porto Saragozza (Bologna) 
Francesca Koch, President of the International Women's House of Rome 
Frida Valsecchi, Dr. Radiologa 
Federico Montanari, Professor of Modena-Reggio Emilia University 
Federica Giardini, Roma Tre University 
Federico Martelloni, Councilor Coalizione Civica, Municipality of Bologna 
Francesco Biagi, Research fellow at the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies in Naples 
Francesco Miazzi, Spokesperson Committee Let us breathe - Monselice / Padua 
Francesco Sticchi, Oxford Brookes University researcher 
Franco Novelli, teacher 
Fulvio Vassallo Paleologo, President of the Rights and Borders Association (ADIF) 
Gabriella Antonelli, Society for the Cultural Heritage of Molise 
Giancarlo Ambrogio Vitali, Co-President of the Bologna Civic Coalition Assembly 
Giancarlo Ranalli, Professor of the University of Molise 
Gianfranco Bettin, Sociologist and writer - President of the Municipality of Marghera - Venice 
Giovanni Paglia, Member of the Italian Parliament - Italian Left / Free and Equal 
Gianluigi Gherzi, a man of the theater 
Gino de Paolis, Lazio Regional Councilor 
Giorgio Barbarini, Head of the San Matteo Polyclinic Unit, University of Pavia 
Giovanni Marco De Pieri, Co-President of the Bologna Civic Coalition 
Giso Amendola, Professor of the University of Salerno 
Giulio Garuti, former Professor of the University of Bologna 
Giorgio Gallo, University of Pisa 
Giuseppe Mosconi, Professor of the University of Padua 
Giuseppe Tadolini, Doctor 
Giustina Selvelli, Post-doc researcher (Erasmus Mundus) 
Irene Soldati, Co-President of the Bologna Civic Coalition Assembly 
Isabella Astorri, President of the Molise Cultural Heritage Society 
Laura Corradi, Researcher Gender Studies and Intersectional Methodology University of Calabria 
Leonardo De Franceschi, PhD, Assistant Professor Roma Tre University 
Leonardo Tancredi, Editorial Director Piazza Grande, newspaper of homeless people (Bologna) 
Lia Migale, writer and economist 
Livio Sera, Collective Alter.POLIS - Polytechnic University of Turin 
Luca Bernardini, Associate Professor, University of Milan 
Marco Trotta, Councilor for Civic Coalition, District San Donato (Bologna) 
Marina D'Altri, Co-President of the Bologna Civic Coalition 
Marco Brazzoduro, Former Professor Sapienza, Rome; president of Citizenship and minorities 
Luca Casarini, Regional Secretary of the Italian Left - Sicily 
Marco Cossutta, University of Trieste 
Marcella Delle Donne, university teacher Sapienza 
Maria Caterina Federici, Full Professor of General Sociology Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Perugia 
Marina Marini, Associate Professor of Applied Biology Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine- University of Bologna, 
Marina Vitale, Anglista, retired professor ex University of Naples "L'Orientale" 
Marta Bonafoni, Lazio Regional Councilor 
Martina Caironi, Paralympic Champion 
Massimiliano Rinaldi, University Researcher 
Massimo De Vita, Man of Theater, human rights activist 
Maurizio Acerbo, National Secretary Prc SE 
Mauro Parodi, Full Professor-Polytechnic School of the University of Genoa 
Moni Ovadia, a man of theater and human rights activist 
Nicola De Luigi, Professor of the University of Bologna 
Nicola Fratoianni, National Secretary of the Italian Left - Member of Parliament - Free and Equal 
Paolo Barrucci, Professor of Sociology, University of Florence 
Paola D'Alconzo, Associate Professor of Museology and Restoration University of Naples Federico II 
Prof. Hans Spinnler, former professor of Neurology at the University of Milan 
Renzo Ulivieri, National President of the Italian Association of Trainers 
Roberto Michele Suozzi, Doctor and Clinical Pharmacologist and specialist in Sports Medicine 
Sandro Chignola, Professor of the University of Padua 
Sandro Mezzadra, Professor of the University of Bologna - Professor New School of Social Research New York 
Simona Taliani, Researcher University of Turin 
Stefano Galieni, Journalist 
Stefano Visentin, Professor of the University of Urbino 
Simona Taliani, PhD Anthropologist Assistant Professor Dep. of Cultures, Politics and Society, Turin 
Valentina Pazé, Professor, University of Turin 
Vittorio Agnoletto, Professor at the University of Milan 
Vittorio Dini, University Professor