Syrian Kurds now say Turkey gassed it’s own proxy rebels in Afrin by mistake

by Wladimir van Wilgenburg    


The Syrian rebels working with Turkey on Tuesday accused the People’s Protection Units (YPG) of firing a mortar shell with toxic chlorine gas injuring up to 20 in the Bulbul district.

But now the YPG says the Turkish army and Turkish-backed rebels themselves tried to bomb the Kurds with chemical gas, but instead gassed their own forces by mistake.
“The occupying Turkish state and the terrorist groups under their control claim that chemical weapons were used by the YPG in order to fabricate a cover for their fiasco in the north of Afrin,” the YPG said on Tuesday.

“On the contrary, the Turkish army, which suffered heavy blows during our operations in the Åžêkurzê area, bombed the area with artillery shells from chemical weapons,” the YPG added.

“Our forces moved to high points after being subjected to the effects of the weapon during conflict, and the Turkish-backed terrorists left on the ground were affected by the weapon themselves,” the YPG statement added.

“As the People's Defense Units, we feel the need to reiterate that we have no basis other than the legitimate line of defense against the fascist attacks on our lands and on our people. We condemn the use of these and similar weapons no matter where and whoever it is used by,” the YPG stated.

According to the YPG the Turkish-backed rebels have not been able to advance much since Turkey launched it’s so-called Olive Branch operation on 20 January.

“We find it beneficial to express once again that the occupying Turkish state and their terrorists have not had the strength to fight against our forces on the ground, and that they have tried to conceal their defeat with such ugly smearing,” the YPG concluded.