Kurdish leader says they will resist in Afrin, amidst heavy Turkish bombing on Afrin

by Wladimir van Wilgenburg    


ERBIL, Kurdistan region – Shahoz Hassan, the co-head of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) on Wednesday said the Kurds will resist in Afrin, now that Turkey is threatening to enter Afrin city, and heavy air strikes are hitting Afrin killing civilians.

He called on the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) for more support and to allow Kurds from the Kurdistan region to travel to Afrin for support.

“Finally, our decision is clear as long as there are heavy attacks there will be bigger resistance, as in Kobani we won against ISIS, we will win in Afrin against the Turkish and ISIS attacks as well,” he said.

“International community must do their duty according to international laws and norms and the United Nations is responsible for finding a political solution in Syria and attempt to stop the attacks of the Turkish occupation in Afrin and issue a decision to exit the Turkish troops from Syria. If this does not happen, the situation will be catastrophic,” he said.

“Turkish troops are approaching the centre of the city of Afrin but until now the coalition forces could not stop the fighting and did not show any position on it. That is why there is an international silence, which is bad and does not help to find a solution,” he said.

“It also doesn’t serve the members of the UN Security Council. They have become partners in killing, displacement and sabotage. Afrin was a safe area containing hundreds of thousands of civilians among them nearly 400,000 displaced people from other cities. When those countries allow Turkish planes to kill those displaced who fled from the Ba'athist regime's planes and now to be killed by Turkish fascist aircraft,” he said.

“The international community is fully responsible for their [civilians] safety,” he concluded.

Moreover, the senior Kurdish leader warned the Kurdish parties in Iraqi Kurdistan that the Turkish target is not just Afrin.

“The aim of the Turkish state attacks , as we have said, is  to enter Rojava and reach Kirkuk. This is a plan for the occupation of two parts of Kurdistan, but there is great resistance in Afrin, not only Rojava resistance but also all Kurdistan resistance and the democratic forces in Syria  and  the whole region because the project of democracy has emerged and put clearly on the basis of unity and coexistence and solve problems in Syria on the basis of federalism,” he said.

However, Turkey took a ‘green light from Russia in order to attack Afrin,” he said. “The Turkish state targets civilians in Afrin, including children, women, and old men  and even ambulances of the Kurdish Red Crescent  and archaeological sites,” he said.

“The aim of this bombing is to occupy and uproot the people of Afrin from their homes and enter  al-Qaeda and the Jabhat-Alnusra  there in order to change the demographics of the region and also to down the project of democracy and freedom in Rojava based on the policy of ethnic cleansing of the Kurdish people,” he added.

The official added, that if Turkey succeeds in Afrin, they will not stop. “If the Turkish occupation attacks win in Afrin, in my conviction Turks will come even to Kirkuk and will not stop only in Rojava and we are preparing for resistance everywhere,” he said.

“We hope the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to have a clear stance, just like the political parties and the people of Kurdistan,” he said. “Their attitude was clear on Afrin,” he said.