Dutch government still doesn’t condemn Afrin invasion

by Wladimir van Wilgenburg    


ERBIL – The Dutch parliament on Thursday in a majority vote supported a motion to condemn consequences of the Turkish attack on Afrin, but rejected another motion which was calling for sanctions for violating the UNSC ceasefire.

“It clearly shows that the Dutch government is annoyed over the Turkish actions. But the consequences - weakening of the fight against IS - is condemned but the aggressive illegal attack action is not,” Socialist party MP Sadet Karabulut told The Region.

“Even now it appears that the evidence requested from Turkey is not being delivered and the government doesn’t expect it either,” she said. “Other countries do not want to condemn, so [Foreign] minister Stef Blok doesn’t,” she added.

“Even out motion seeks support for sanctions against violating the UN resolution which calls for a ceasefire,” she said. “But Blok doesn’t want advocate this [sanctions] in the EU, UN, and NATO.”

“The international political leaders fail miserably with this attitude. Like NATO and EU countries,” she added.

However, she doesn’t mean Afrin is alone. “There is a lot of support among the population and we will continue to fight to stop this endless war and respect international law,” she concluded.

Thousands of Kurds live in the Netherlands, including some from Afrin.

The Dutch FM Blok expressed sympathy for civilian losses but called an unilateral condemnation of the Turkish attacks or UN-sanctions as completely unrealistic. Unless the EU and NATO would condemn the attacks.

However, he did confirm the Turkish attack on Afrin hurts the war against ISIS. “This [consequences], I am willing to condemn,” he concluded.

The US government has made clear that the UN ceasefire is for all of Syria, but so far no international actor moved to stop the Turkish attacks on Afrin. “That position has not changed, .Heather Nauert, spokesperson of the US State Department said on Wednesday.