British foreign volunteer from Afrin warns for Ghouta-like massacre in Afrin, calls for no-fly zone

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by Wladimir van Wilgenburg


British YPG fighter Jamie Janson in a video released on Monday called the world to immediately act in Afrin. Otherwise, the situation could end up as East Ghouta, with already hundreds of civilians being killed and injured.

"I am here in Afrin City, by the grave of a friend, Åžervan, who I fought alongside against 'Islamic State' in Deir ez Zor. Like thousands of other YPG and SDF soldiers, Åžervan was forced to abandon that fight on the brink of victory when we heard that Turkey had invaded Afrin and we rushed to the defence of its people. Like all the other brave women and men lying here, Åžervan has given his life to protect the people of Afrin.

“Now ErdoÄŸan's forces, headed by proxy militias, many of them recruited from his closest ally, Islamic State, are nearly at the gates of Afrin City,” Janson said.

“The humanitarian disaster he has unleashed is about to get a lot worse in a city packed with refugees with nowhere to run. Everyday, Turkish jets, supplied by America, bomb the city, as ErdoÄŸan tries to terrorise its people into surrender. Soon, tanks supplied by Germany will be on these hills overlooking the city.,” he added 

“If the world stands by and continues to do nothing, the devastation you are seeing in Eastern Ghouta today, will be Afrin City tomorrow,” he concluded. 

“We ask the world for two things: an immediate no-fly zone over Afrin to end the bombing and destruction of civilian lives, and we ask you to end the collaboration and tacit support for ErdoÄŸan's crimes against humanity. Stop selling Turkey the weapons it us now using on the people of Afrin.,” he said 

“We in Britain know only too well the awful consequences of illegal invasions of other countries. It is the supreme war crime, as judged at the Nuremberg Trials after World War 2. We protested against the illegal invasion of Iraq 15 years ago, a crime that caused untold suffering and lead directly to the rise of Islamic State. Today, we again resist another illegal invasion,” he stated.

“If the world does nothing then the people of Rojava, who have already sacrificed so much to defend the world from the atrocities of Islamic State, face annihilation by an alliance of ErdoÄŸan and his ally, a resurgent Islamic State,” he concluded. 

“Please don't abandon the people of Afrin. Please don't let the death of Åžervan, and all our other friends lying here, have been in vain,” he concluded.